Seikkailumaa is a finnish minecraft-server wich offers Hard-level Survival, Creative, Skyblock, Build battle and Hide&Seek gamemodes.

Seikkailumaa was officially opened the 27th of december 2015.

Seikkailumaa’s IP: mc.seikkailumaa.net /

You can vote for the server daily from this link!

The owners of the server are ttd880 and emmi891 other staff members include admins,mini-admins and chat-moderators. The server also includes builder and youtuber/streamer –ranks.

Rules and Info

The server rules:

1.Have fun and respect other players.

2.All matter of grieffing is forbidden, dont steal or break other peoples property.(This applies to unclaimed buildings etc. as well)

3.No spamming, CAPSLOCKING, advertising or cursing in the chat.

4.Build sensible structures, no 1×1 2×2 ”nerdpoles” to the skies, no playertraps, no floating houses, no offensive or lewd buildings.

5.Player killing in survival is forbidden! There is a pvp arena in survival for you to test your might against others.

6.If you arent apart of a village, respect other peoples privacy and build you own bases and buildings ATLEAST 60 blocks away from each other.

7.The maximum amount of entityes per area (players base, village, etc.) is 50. Stacking mobs in grinders and spawners while afk is also forbidden, so kill your monsters before the numbercount rises to the hundreds!

8.Other instructions given by staff must be followed. Such are the rules.

9.Hackers are frowned upon, always resultin to bans. No use of X-ray, modpacks or other exploits. Even mentioning the use of hacks in the chat to ”show off” might result in a kick or mute.

10.The use of common sense or practical judgement is adviced, this will help you on the server more than anything else.

Info to survival

  • The difficulty level of the survival is Hard, so be careful.
  • The player can set five homepoints using the command /sethome [home’s name]. The deleting of homepoints is /delhome [home’s name]
  • The player can protect their own property. Emmi’s quick instructions for protecting your property:

First get yourself a wooden axe with //wand

1. Choose the downer corner of your property. (aknoledge your basement). Left Mouse button.
2. Choose the opposite upper corner of your property. Right Mouse button.
3. When you’ve chosen the points, write the following command in chat: /rg claim [region’s name].

Now you’ve protected your property. you can see it’s info with /rg i, and your own regions with /rg list. You can add your friend to the region with /rg addmember [region] [player], and remove him with /rg removemember [region] [player]. You can also remove a region with /rg remove [region].

  • Trading in the server is economic. The currency on the server is called ’Mani’ (M). In the bank of the server, you can sell diamonds, gold ingots, iron ingots, redstone blocks and emeralds, and in exchange you get money for your player account. You can get to the bank using the command /warp pankki.
  • The player can rent their own shop with 3300e /10 days. You can get to the marketplace using the command /warp torit. More in depth instructions can be found and the marketplace.
  • Players make their own communities all the time, these communities all have their own /warp commands.

Commands in survival

/warp survival (warps you to the survival spawn)

/servers (Tells you the available servers: creative etc.)

/server [server] (For example /server creative sends you to creative)

/spawn (Takes you to server spawnpoint or hub)

/warps (Shows the available warps)

/warp [warp] (warps you to the warp location)

/sethome [Home’s name] (sets home point)

/home [Home’s name] (takes you home]

/kartta (gives link servers online dynmap)

/bal (shows your in-game bank account)

/bal [player] (shows the bank account of other player)

/baltop (ranks the players with the most money)

/pay [player] [amount] (paying method)

/discord – Gives link to our discord.